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It is my pleasure to introduce to you Cathi Hardesty, DNA search expert and adoptee family researcher. I met Cathi as I was many years into a futile search for my birth family. Even with an original birth certificate, birth mother's name, and a DNA test with 23andMe, and being a skilled academic researcher myself, I had come up with practically nothing. It seemed like my birth mother never existed.
Within a few hours, Cathi had come up with my mother's real name (the surname listed on the Original Birth Certificate was a hint, as it turned out, but not her family's name), and the names of her other family members. Within days we had census records, newspaper articles, yearbook photos, and addresses.
Cathi taught me how to organize the scant information that I had through 23andMe, encouraged me to also register those results with other databases. With the informationthose databases provided and our combined deeper searching, we found my half-siblings from my birth mother even though they themselves had not taken DNA tests. After my adding a DNA test through Ancestry, Cathi showed me how to build a family tree and separate my birth mother's family from other DNA relatives who would lead to my birth father's family. Within a short time we had built a wide family tree of my potential birth father's family and focused on documents which could confirm his identity. We've located his children from two marriages and – surprise! – a half-brother born only a few months before me. Cathi's ability to look not only at the DNA results but also find confirming documents is the key to her great success. In addition, she is kind, and understanding of the emotional impact all this new knowledge can stir up.
I felt very fortunate to have Cathi work on my case!
With profound thanks,Dr. Candace Magner

Cathi is a goddess! She found my brother in 4 hours!! I will be forever and eternally grateful for her. I had the most amazing conversation with my brother. I learned he had a wonderful childhood and has always wondered about my mom and wants to get to know her!

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My name is Barbara I'm 34 years old and I didn't know my father and as a child growing up that's all I ever wanted to know. So I submitted a DNA test with Ancestry. Once I got the results I didn't have a clue what I was looking at. After connecting with Cathi, within two hours she knew exactly who he was. She is an angel sent here to help others if you're truly looking for your Parent's or Parent she will definitely find them for you. She didn't only find him for me she walked me through every process how to contact him. She is definitely the best out there you will never be disappointed in anything she does. You will definitely get all the answers you have been waiting for!!

Cathi thank you so much!!

Sincerely, Barbara L.

Dear Cathi, I want to thank you so much for all of the help and support you have given me on my journey to find my biological Dad. I was searching for quite some time on my own and I was at a road block. After finding you, in a matter of no time you had me on the right track, you taught me how to put together a proper tree and how to match family last names to my DNA. After just a short time you shared with me who my great grandparents were and then we were able to continue our search on both sides of the family with cousins and you were able to match who my grandparents were and then my Dad. You also found his current wife on Facebook and four of his children.
You helped me figure out the best way to reach out to him and his family by reaching out to his wife because they were not married to each other at the time I was conceived. You led me through the whole process by advising me how to ask, what to write, etc. and within no time I was talking with my Dad, first through email and then on the phone. You even advised me about him testing. Well, he did and we received a 100 % confirmation of father/daughter DNA match! As soon as we can we are going to meet and we are both so excited about it. Because of you, two people that have always been meant to be together, finally are...for that we are both so very grateful to you. 
Thank you Cathi,Love Carol

I had the amazing help of Cathi, searching for my biological father.. She worked her magic and within hours narrowed my possible Birth Father to 1 of 2 brothers. One was still living and after mailing him a kit, and waiting almost 8 long weeks, the results are in! He is in fact my bio father. He Had no idea I was here and doesn’t remember my Birth Mother. Cheers to the start of a new special relationship. 
Do not give up! Be patient! This is very emotional. My Birth Father wants to meet and talked about a Christmas together and meeting the family. I’m 55 years young and the truth has been revealed. It can happen, have faith in the process. Thank you all for your support and kindness. Thank you Cathi. You truly are angel!