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My Family Finder
I specialize in finding biological family members

The Mission

DNA has become the newest tool to enable adoptees and others with unknown parentage to connect with their birth families. The search for biological family takes time, knowledge, patience, experience and a lot of work. If you are an adult who is searching, my goal is help you solve your mystery. If you are adopted, I can help you find your biological family. If you are strictly looking to determine your paternity, I can facilitate that also.

Ready to Start?

What are the first steps?1. Contact me to find out what to expect on your specific search. Each case is unique and requires different strategies.2. Submit a DNA test to Ancestry.com3. Sign up for your state Adoption Registry

Reaching Out

You may have many questions you’d like to ask your birth family. Or, you might not be ready to contact anyone right away. But just having the knowledge of who they are can be reassuring. When the time is right, I can help you with that first communication. I have a well thought out plan for a first contact, with a statistically proven method to achieve the best results.


About Me

Many years ago the search for my own biological father was assisted by a total stranger. I have always felt the desire to pay it forward. A few years ago I taught myself the technique used when combining DNA and research so that I could assist my brother-in- law in the search to determine his biological father.
Now I am a seasoned professional and have solved nearly 300 cases over the past few years. Most of my clients are US based however I have solved some from as far away as Canada, Wales and Scotland.
Data suggests that around 10% of the population does not know or are incorrect about the identity of their biological father. More than half of my cases fall into this category. With the growing popularity of Consumer DNA websites such as Ancestry DNA and 23 and Me, many people realize they can start the search for their own identity by submitting DNA to the popular sites. I am able to determine someone's paternity using just their own DNA, the birth parent does not have to test or show up on a direct consumer DNA site. Keep in mind, my findings or any findings using DNA and Genetic Genealogy are not the same as a paternity test that is recognized by the court system in proving paternity. However, it is still 100% accurate. Not every case can be solved with DNA due to the fact that you may not have at least 2nd or 3rd cousins who have tested. I’d say less than 10% of cases are hard or impossible to solve, at least not right away. Currently, Ancestry DNA has over 19 million DNA samples from which to compare yours and 23 and Me has over 12 million DNA customers. Amazingly, when testing, most people will have over 50,000 DNA matches.
The search for biological family takes time, knowledge, patience, experience and a lot of work. Each case is unique, exciting, unpredictable and can take twists and turns that rival any mystery novel. I feel so blessed to be able to play such an important role in someone’s search for their biological family. Happy tears are a daily part of my life. (my tears and the adoptees) I am grateful to provide an outlet for so many people who had been searching years for answers.
Many adoptees are intimidated by the thought of reaching out to their long lost family members. I walk them through this step by step by finding contact information, helping them with their first contact letter and then being there for them during the extreme hand wringing period of sending out their first letter and then waiting.. and waiting. A well thought out, handwritten letter explaining the DNA and how they were determined to be birth parent, can mean all the difference in whether they receive a call or a response letter from their biological family.
I do not solve cases for anyone under the age of 18 (without their parent's consent) so my youngest search was for a woman who was looking for a half-sister who was placed for adoption. She was 24 and elated to have been found by her biological family. On the other end of the spectrum, my oldest adoptee is 67 and her birth father was found, and is 89 years old! Another case, A young woman asked for my help recently. She was conceived in the 80s by two strangers who had too much to drink at a party and never saw each other again. She had been searching for 20 years for her birth father. It took me 8 minutes to tell her his name. Another case a woman from Wales, UK tested for fun and realized that all of her paternal side DNA matches were in Texas. With this information, she was convinced that her birth father was not the man her mother married. After a little digging (a lot of digging) I realized that her birth father (her mother’s husband) was born in Wales in 1943. He was conceived during WWII apparently by a US Army soldier from Texas who was stationed in the UK in the early 1940. These cases demonstrate that DNA can bridge seemingly insurmountable information gaps and solve mysteries that would otherwise stay a secret forever. Hopefully your truths will be revealed!

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Success Stories

Sherry took a DNA test on Ancestry for fun and realized that the father she adored, the man who raised her, was not her biological father..

Many years ago (1985), in a small South Carolina town, a child was conceived by two strangers who had too much to drink at a party..

Jodi became more curious about her birth parents after her adopted parents passed away. She had longed to learn her story..

Robert, age 49 was adopted and was encouraged by his daughter to find out who his biological parents were..

Jackie was looking for her half-sister who was placed for adoption. Her sister would now be in her early 20s. Because her mother was ..

TestimonialsThank you all for your vote of confidence!

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Answering Your Questions

If you have other questions, contact us by phone or email.

  • How soon before I get my search results?

    Each case is unique. The strength of your DNA matches and the availability of family trees unique to your lineage will directly reflect on the speed of your results. Some cases can be solved in a day or two, other cases in several weeks.

  • Which consumer DNA company should I test with?

    Ancestry DNA has the most DNA samples from which to compare you results. 23 and Me is a good supplement if you are able to test with both companies.

  • How long will it take for my DNA results to come in?

    Most companies publish results in 3-8 weeks.

  • Will my search results be accurate?

    I have checks and balances in my search to ensure accuracy. To date, I have a 100% accuracy rate.

  • What if I have no adoption information?

    That is precisely why DNA is the game changer. Your search needs no information other than your DNA. Even if you provided a possible name to me, I still follow the DNA when researching cases.

  • Can I get my adoption records?

    Each state has it's own rules and guidelines for the availability of records. Certain states allow the adoptee to request and receive their original pre-adoption birth certificate. 

  • Can you tell me if my dad is my biological father?

    Yes, this is my specialty. Unless your father was adopted, there will be no problem verifying your paternity.

  • What can I do to help the search?

    Several things can speed up the search. First register with your states adoption registry. Then send away for your NON identification letter. If yours is strictly a paternity search, having a maternal family tree will speed up the search.

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